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Stripper Jobs - Stripper Employment

Stripper Jobs: Make easy money while having fun!

Would you rather get an endless amount of praise, appreciation, hugs, and thanks yous while feeling sexy, gorgeous, beautiful and accepted? Or deal with criticism, jealousy, and neglect from a controlling and abusive boyfriend? If you answered yes to the first question, then we encourage you to apply online to be a valued member of our AAA-Classic Dancers team. Our stripper jobs are much different than at the clubs!

The hours are short and the money is plentiful. The environment you’ll be dancing in is fun, safe, structured and organized. When you join our team you’ll learn all the moves for the best-choreographed bachelor party show in the region.

We’re looking for sexy and confident girls from Minneapolis, Mankato, Rochester, St. Cloud and surrounding areas. The stripper jobs you can expect to perform at include private parties, bachelor parties, corporate events, fraternity parties and more. Unlike dancing jobs at clubs, you’ll have more freedom and flexibility to engage with clients and earn big tips!

No Stripping Experience Required

Don’t feel like you need to be a professional when you apply to join AAA-Classic Dancers. It is important that you feel comfortable and also go with the flow and have fun! We’ll give you the low-down on what to expect and what is expected. The short hours ensure you’ll still be able to do the other things in life that you enjoy.

Most of our bookings are on Friday and Saturday with the occasional weekday. Since strip clubs are few and far between, you can rest easy knowing that we have clients all over Minnesota and Wisconsin. No job or party is the same which certainly gives more excitement than checking into the same club every day!

We’re Also Looking for Male Strippers

You’re sexy and you know it. Why not strut your stuff for the ladies and make a killing in the process! Women love our male strippers and male dancers who ooze confidence and masculinity. If you’re jacked and stacked with a personality to match we want you to apply online too!

You’ll be expected to perform at birthday parties, bachelorette parties, sorority parties… basically any kind of party! But we also have clients looking for a more intimate time including 1 on 1’s, couples, dates, dinner events, and companionship. It is a guarantee that you’ll earn big bucks no matter what the occasion is!